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Ontario Sailing is the recognized not-for-profit governing body for sailing in the province of Ontario. In a partnership between a professional staff team and dedicated volunteers, Ontario Sailing supports the sport of sailing across the province. Staff and volunteers provide leadership in a variety of different areas including training and certification for instructors and race officials, athlete development, and the Ontario Sailing Team. Additionally, Ontario Sailing provides support with governance and administration to nearly 200 member organizations.


Ontario Sailing is a recognized not-for-profit organization dedicated to developing lifelong sailors through leadership and programming.


Ontario Sailing will champion the sport of sailing, enabling it to flourish and grow, becoming the leading, lifelong recreational and competitive sport in Ontario.


Community Pride

We believe in supporting the uniqueness of each community we serve across the province.

Excellence with Integrity

We believe in striving for achievement of the highest standard available while maintaining the honesty and truthfulness of our actions.


We are committed to providing impartial and just treatment of each individual and group involved in sailing without favoritism or discrimination. 

Respect & Equality

We believe in treating everyone involved with our organization equally, regardless of gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, or religious belief. 


We believe that the ongoing health and wellness of all individuals involved with sailing in any role must be of utmost importance in all aspects of education and development around our sport. 


We believe in the importance of maintaining a strong business foundation to ensure the long-term fiscal sustainability of Ontario Sailing.

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Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Propulsion, Balance, Alignment

A strategic plan creates forward momentum – propulsion.

To successfully move forward we balance daily operational demands and strategic priorities with available resources.

To move forward in the desired direction, we seek alignment with stakeholders.

After comprehensive consultation with the sailing community across Ontario and countless hours of work by volunteers, staff, and an external consultant, the Ontario Sailing Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan for Ontario Sailing to set the course for the next four years. 

The plan is available to view here:

ONTARIO SAILING Strategic Plan 2022