Club Volunteer Award

Every club has them, the unsung heroes who seem to always be the backbone of the club.
Many times they have run the races, helped put the docks in, sent the newsletter out, headed up the youth learn to sail program and the list goes on. In all cases these individuals give of their time, talent and finances for the betterment of the club’s community and culture without asking for anything in return.
Ontario Sailing is pleased to help your clubrecognize these exceptional volunteers! The Ontario Sailing-Club Volunteer Award  is, in a small way, a chance for your club, Ontario Sailing and the sailing community to help let our Sailing fraternity say “Thank-you” for your time and commitment.
How does it work?
Clubs are asked to submit the names of up to 5 individuals a year to Ontario Sailing using the application below. The award winners will be set up with a profile on the Ontario Sailing database (if they do not already have one) and a certificate, signed by Ontario Sailing’s President and Executive Director, will be forwarded to the club. The names of the winners will be kept on the Ontario Sailing website.
We encourage the clubs to consider recognizing the member at a special event or activity hosted at the club. Suggestions include the club’s AGM, youth award dinner or a major regatta where the individual’s activities are being recognized for their on-going involvement.
It is up to the club to detemine their own level of service being recognized in requesting the Certificates. Once Ontario Sailing has been forwarded the request, all individuals will be recognized.
Send completed requests by email to or mail to: 65 Guise ST E, Hamilton ON L8L 8B4
Ontario Sailing-Club Volunteer Award Submission Form
Award Winners
Chuck Spence – Little Current Yacht Club

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