“Governance relates to consistent management, cohesive policies, processes and decision-rights for a given area of responsibility.” (source, Wikipedia)
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Board of Directors

Ontario Sailing Policies:

Policies for Public Awareness Last Reviewed & Updated by Board of Directors
Accessibility Policy September 2019
Anti-Doping Policy May 2021
Code of Conduct – Athletes March 2019
Code of Conduct – Board March 2019
Code of Conduct – Coaches March 2019
Code of Conduct – Officials March 2019
Code of Conduct – Parents/Guardians May 2021
Concussion Management & Return to Play August 2019
Confidentiality Policy May 2021
Discipline Policy September 2019
Dispute Resolution Policy September 2019
Harassment Policy September 2019
Inclusion Policy May 2021
Membership Policy September 2019
Privacy Policy September 2019
Refund Policy May 2019
Screening Policy June 2021
Selection Policy September 2019
Social Media Policy June 2021
Vaccination Policy Sept 2021