The purpose of this committee is to provide expertise and to give direction to the development of, and implementation of a fundraising plan.  Aid the staff in nurturing and developing existing and new partnerships.
·        To raise funds to meet the financial needs of Ontario Sailing.
·        To set attainable goals to be raised from grants and foundations on an annual (and projected 3 year) basis.  Create a plan and implement it to meet said goals.
·        To set attainable goals to be raised through corporate sponsor or partners on an annual (and projected 3 year) basis. Create a plan and give staff and volunteers an implementation plan to meet said goals.
A good cross-section of volunteers and staff with appropriate skills and expertise, including but not limited to marketing, promotion, fundraising and networking skills.
The Chairperson of the Fundraising Committee reports to the Board of Directors through the Treasurer. The Chair works hand-in-hand with the Executive Director or his designate.  The Chairperson or his/her designate will report to the Executive Committee and/or the Board of Directors (and report back from the Executive Committee) on a regular basis.
In the event that fundraising contract staff is hired to fill a specific role that person shall report to the Executive Director or his designate.
1.        Develop with help of staff a Contact List of potential funding sources including Foundations and Corporate Partners.
2.      Develop fundraising policies, guidelines and best practices, including appropriate levels of support and ‘asking’ targets.
3.      Develop with help of staff a Fundraising Plan with attainable goals, including the marketable programs, products or services of Ontario Sailing for which the funds should be directed.
4.      Develop with the help of staff the necessary tools for the presentation to potential partners.
5.      According to Ontario Sailing policies, guideline and best practices, to actively solicit corporate sponsorship and present with a staff to corporate partners at scheduled appointments.
6.      Given direction to an annual donor campaign of ‘Friends of Ontario Sailing and Sailing’, – our stakeholders.  Includes setting an example and solicitation of fellow Directors.
7.      Support staff in the development and implementation of a recognition plan for donors, sponsors, foundations and partners.
8.      Working with the staff and through the Chairperson, monitor the activity and performance of the plan, including recommendations to modify the plan.
The Committee may work efficiently with specific assignments of volunteers, sub-committees or task forces.  The lead volunteer of each task must work hand-in-hand with the Chairperson and staff.  A sub-Committee may make recommendations to the Chairperson of the Committee (and in turn to the Executive Committee).
Need to create a Celebration of Sailing sub-committee.
The Fundraising Committee, through the Chairperson, works hand in hand with the Fundraising Assistant (Shauna Cartlidge) and the Executive Director (Al Will) to fulfil the Goal of the Committee.
The Committee will meet as necessary, with an estimate of 4 – 7 meetings per year.   Volunteers will be asked to contribute extra time to help fulfil some of the responsibilities listed above as appropriate to their talents and interests.