Communications Policy

This policy applies to the Board of Directors, Volunteers, Executive Director and staff of Ontario Sailing.
This policy works in partnership with our Social Media policy.

The official spokespeople for Ontario Sailing are only the Executive Director and the President.

Either of the official spokespeople for the organization may delegate, in writing, a media response to any member of staff, the Board of Directors, or a celebrity spokesperson. Any individual who has not been delegated to communicate with the media must not do so but must instead defer queries in accordance with this policy.

All communication with the media, membership, government and the general public about Ontario Sailing will be handled by the Executive Director or President or designated alternate spokesperson.

Trademarks and copyrights are the property of Ontario Sailing. Their use is governed by the Board of Directors of Ontario Sailing and they may not be used under any circumstances without express written permission.

This communication policy is developed to support the strategic direction of Ontario Sailing. It will be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

Board approved last: May 27th 2019

Operational Procedures
It is the responsibility of staff to generate corporate communication plans that furthers the strategic and operational objectives of Ontario Sailing. The communication plan will contain visual identity guidelines that will be followed in all instances of the use of Ontario Sailing’s logo.

Each official spokesperson will be provided with media training, if it is warranted based on skills, knowledge and previous experiences.

Individuals who are recruited and delegated for public speaking opportunities will be provided with copies of the communication policy as well as a briefing session on the communication objectives, target audiences and main messages of the organization. The organization may also provide speeches and presentation material.

Last reviewed: May 27th 2019

Operational procedures are not approved by the Board of Directors. Operational procedures are approved by the Executive Director.