The unusual air quality throughout Ontario this spring has been a factor to consider for outdoor activities and we know many of your clubs, especially those with sailing schools are getting questions about upcoming programs. Poor air quality can have an effect on human health, and when wildfires are the cause, everyone is at risk regardless of age or underlying conditions. However, the risk and impact can be greater for people engaging in strenuous activity including participating in sports.

We recommend that everyone pays close attention to the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) in considering what activities to offer and participate in.

Some tips to consider:

  • Monitor the Air Quality Health Index closely, both throughout your activity for any changes, as well as reviewing the forecast and planning future activities accordingly.
  • The Index is usually lower in the morning so plan more strenuous activity for that time of day.
  • Consider reaching out to your local public health office to learn more about their recommendations for your area.

Other Resources

Air Quality Index & Forecast

Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) has lots of good resources –

We especially suggest utilizing the poster on air quality & sport –

If you want to learn more about air quality and sport, there is a free module through a partnership with SIRC and Coaching Association of Canada available through the SIRC website link above.