Whether you are new to boating or have some experience, Sail Canada levels are available to provide the knowledge and skills you need to enjoy time spent on the water here in Ontario, or anywhere around the world. The Sail Canada Learn to Cruise and Power training system focuses on the development of the skills needed to cruise safely in local or distant waters – to operate keelboats and powerboats when underway as well as when relaxing at anchor or secured to a dock. A series of navigation courses may be taken on a standalone basis or in preparation for practical on-water training and are designed to teach navigation skills that dovetail with the skills practiced in on water sessions.

The focus of the Sail Canada Learn to Cruise, Learn to Powerboat and Learn to Navigate streams is on training for pleasure craft operation in a range of environments. The syllabus is the defined standard available on the Sail Canada website and includes a definition of the training focus, learning objectives, training environment, and evaluation process. Vessels are auxiliary powered keelboats or powerboats. Certifications are good for life and once completed do not need to be renewed. Courses are offered by clubs and schools that are registered with Sail Canada and their Provincial Sailing Association. Training is delivered by Sail Canada certified Instructors.

As you progress through the Sail Canada levels you will learn to operate vessels in increasing size and complexity, and to be confident in more challenging weather environments.

Why take a Sail Canada accredited course?

  • Years of experience in designing and delivering training: Sail Canada has been delivering practical training on keelboats and powerboats for more than 50 years. The Sail Canada student and instructor cruising system is subject to continuous development and improvement and has been adopted by other national training organizations. Sail Canada training remains among the best of its kind in the world.
  • Comprehensive training: Sail Canada courses provide comprehensive coverage of the knowledge and skills required to be competent and safe on the water, using internationally-recognized standards, with courses for both the new and experienced boaters. The training focus is on skill development. Whether you are a novice or experienced boater, Sail Canada instructors have the ability to develop basic skills and to extend existing skills for already accomplished boaters.
  • Qualified instructors: Sail Canada Instructors have extensive practical experience operating and sailing boats in a variety of contexts that include racing, daytime cruising, live aboard/overnight cruising, and offshore passage making, to name a few. They must meet rigorous training and teaching standards in order to teach the Sail Canada curriculum. Sail Canada Instructors operate under a strict code of safety and professionalism, with a passion for teaching others.
  • Bareboat Chartering (boat rentals): If your cruising ambitions include bareboat chartering in popular destinations like the Canadian west or east coasts, the Great Lakes, the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean, most charter operators require proof of competency in the form of formal certification such as that offered by Sail Canada accredited schools.
  • Lifelong Learning: Sail Canada offers levels beyond entry level with opportunities for ongoing learning of skills that enable you to become a highly qualified skipper, or even to become an instructor.

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