Sail Canada Student Level Power / Cruising Progression

Entry points for the novice are Introduction to Boating, Basic Outboard and Basic Power. The detailed Sail Canada Powerboat standards are available on the Sail Canada website.



The Intermediate Power level builds on the knowledge and skills developed in Basic Power and Navigation levels. Candidates with previous boating experience may challenge a level by demonstrating the practical skill and theory knowledge defined in the standard. Learning/skill objectives in the standards are divided into afloat (practical) and ashore (theory) components. Ashore knowledge and navigation theory are often taught in a classroom environment, with the practical sessions on-water focused on application of theory, skill development, coaching and evaluation.

Evaluation of practical skill is through observation of performance by a Sail Canada Cruising Powerboat instructor. A student must demonstrate the ability to carry out all of the skills without coaching in order to be awarded a certification for all except the introductory power level.  For most levels successful completion of a written exam testing knowledge is also a requirement.

Practical evaluation through observation is supported by the standard (syllabus), one page checklists and a web based system that tracks student development. The web based tool used to track student progression supports a focus on skill development as well as certification of individual achievement.