TOPIC 6: Sail Canada Profiles and Annual Instructor Registration

What is a Sail Canada profile? Do I have one?

  • If you have taken sailing classes in Canada through a recognized provider, you will likely have a Sail Canada profile that lists your student sailing levels (dinghy, cruising) or race official certifications. As instructors progress through the training program and return as instructors in subsequent years, their credentials and prerequisites are recorded on their Sail Canada profiles. It is important to make sure your contact information and date of birth listed on your profile are correct.
  • Instructors register with Sail Canada each year through their Sail Canada profile. Instructor registration includes annual professional dues and instructor liability insurance. It is an instructor’s responsibility to ensure that their Sail Canada profile is up to date and in good standing.

How do I access my Sail Canada profile? How do I create one if I don’t have one?

  • Log in to your profile or search for your profile through the Sail Canada website HERE.
  • Username: last name + first 3 letters of first name
  • If needed, use the ‘locate my profile’ function or ‘forgot password function’.
  • Please note that the email address associated with your profile may be that of a person who registered you for sailing classes in the past, so password instructions may be sent to that person’s email address.
  • If you can’t locate your profile, you can create one HERE.

How do I upload credentials to my Sail Canada profile?

  • You can update contact information by logging in to your profile.
  • There is no ‘upload’ function for individuals to add credentials to their profiles independently. Send upload requests to Ontario Sailing or Sail Canada. Staff will review them and upload them to your profile.

Why does my Sail Canada profile say my instructor status is invalid?

  • Profiles that say “invalid” are either missing prerequisites or have expired credentials. Contact Ontario Sailing to update your prerequisites or to inquire about the status of your credentials.

When and how do I register as an instructor and pay annual dues/insurance?

  • Trained and certified instructors should register and pay instructor dues and insurance through their Sail Canada profile annually before they begin instructing each year. Registration covers professional association fees and instructor liability insurance. More information on instructor’s insurance is available HERE.