TOPIC 7: Returning Instructors

How do I move from “trained” to “certified” status?

  • Trained instructors require an evaluation to become certified. They must undergo an evaluation before their trained status expires.

How do I become recertified?

  • Certified instructors are recertified by undergoing an evaluation or through another professional development activity as defined by Sail Canada. Click HERE for more information.

What is an evaluation/recertification technical clinic?

  • This is a one-day clinic is for individuals who require an evaluation to move from TRAINED status to CERTIFIED status at their current level, or for individuals who require an evaluation to become RE-CERTIFIED. All your prerequisites must be current to participate.

Instead of attending a one-day clinic, can I request that a Learning Facilitator come to my club to evaluate me while I’m instructing?

  • It is strongly recommended that instructors requiring an evaluation attend a 1-day recertification/evaluation clinic in the spring. Ontario Sailing has limited capacity to offer evaluations for instructors at their home clubs. These types of requests are considered later in the sailing season and are not guaranteed. We do our best to accommodate requests. The cost of an in-field evaluation for the 2024 season is $260+HST.