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Ontario Sailing Member Clubs & Schools
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Attention Instructors & Club Officials
In order to be a fully-certified Sail Canada instructor, instructors must pay Annual Instructor dues to Sail Canada.  Without it, instructors are not insured, and may not certify their students.  Annual Instructor Dues are valid from January 1 – December 31 each year.  
Blind Sailing Canada For September 2019 – Basic Cruising Instructor UPDATED: August 7, 2019  
Harbourfront Centre Sailing & Powerboating For Summer 2020 – Junior Sail Instructors (iCANSail Wet Feet / CANSail 1&2 / CANSail 3&4 / CANSail 5&6 / Keelboat Instructors / Camp Counsellors) September 4, 2019  


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