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Ontario Sailing is the recognized not-for-profit organization in Ontario committed to the promotion and development of all aspects of sailing and sailing related sports. Ontario Sailing consists of over 200 member organizations which include clubs, sailing schools, camps and affiliates that represent over 10,000 member families and service over 100,000 boaters. We strongly encourage all organizations in Ontario involved in sailing to become members of Ontario Sailing – the organization and your sailors will benefit from our services!

How does your membership matter?

Ontario Sailing works together with member organizations who are part of the sailing community to help nurture and support the development, safety, growth, and enjoyment of sailing in your town, region, province, and country. 

Members organizations have direct access to full-time staff and volunteers that are here to help! 

Things to know:

  • Ontario Sailing is a member of Sail Canada; Sail Canada is a member of World Sailing. 
  • Ontario Sailing, along with our national partner Sail Canada, provides leadership, governance, and standards. 
  • We are the governing body for sailing in the province of Ontario reporting to the Ministry Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries. 
  • Ontario Sailing is made up of member clubs, sailing schools, camps, and class associations. 
  • Ontario Sailing members are entitled to all the benefits and services offered by Ontario Sailing and Sail Canada. 

Is your organization interested in becoming a member of Ontario Sailing or learning more? Reach out to talk to a senior staff member about how we can work together – 

Are you an individual not affiliated with a club who is looking for a way to continue in the sport of sailing, be permitted the right to sail under the Racing Rules of Sailing or are looking to support Ontario Sailing? Check out our Maple Leaf Membership option here.

Benefits of Membership

Clubs, Schools, Associations, Fleets 

  • Opportunities to deliver Sail Canada programs, including sailing lessons and racing
  • Full-time support for operations and governance (check out our unique COAST program)
  • Trained and certified instructors and officials for your programs 
  • Opportunities to host provincial, regional, national, and international events 
  • Charitable Tax Receipts through Sail Canada 


  • A progressive introduction to sailing for your child 
  • Access to qualified instructors 
  • Regattas organized by certified officials 
  • Support to grow sailing schools in new communities

Event Hosts 

  • Use of the Racing Rules of Sailing – important for insurance for hosts and participants
  • Promotion 
  • Access to funding opportunities 
  • Assistance with securing race officials 

Cruising Sailors 

  • Access to national courses in cruising 
  • Access to national trained instructors 
  • Specialized courses for racing 
  • Full range of programs from beginner to offshore sailing
  • Emphasizing “living afloat” skills in addition to boat handling, safety, and navigation 
  • All programs include both classroom and on-the-water instruction 

Racing Sailors 

  • Race and compete – as mandated by World Sailing and Racing Rules of Sailing. (Individuals must belong to a member club of Ontario Sailing to be entitled to race under the Racing Rules of Sailing).
  • Opportunities to compete at local, national, and international events 
  • Development of programs to allow people with disabilities to participate and compete 
  • Races organized by qualified officials and judged by trained volunteers 
  • Protest and appeals process 
  • Development of racing programs, and input into the evolution of the Racing Rules of Sailing 
  • Support for youth racing through the youth Grand Prix Series 
  • Promoting high performance sailing success at regional, national, and international levels 

Race Officials

  • Opportunities to develop new levels of race management 
  • Development and delivery of Race Official training programs 
  • Assistance for planning and hosting regattas throughout the year 


  • Opportunities for training & certification and ongoing professional development
  • Ontario Sailing/Sail Canada programs following the Long-Term Sailor Development model mandated by Sport Canada 
  • Shared expertise with Sail Canada and the Provincial Sport Associations to develop and maintain some of the best training programs in the world 
  • Support for national standards and policies for excellence in training, competition, and safety for sailing and recreational boating in Ontario 
  • Canadian programs and instructors are in demand in many other countries 

Any individual who is actively a member in good standing of an Ontario Sailing Member Organization in good standing are recognized as members of Sail Canada.