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We are on the water, it is an integral part of our passion and as such we greatly value the importance of clean and safe water, harbours, and beaches across our province and beyond. Ontario Sailing is committed to being a leader in sustaining our waterways to ensure that future generations can continue to experience the adventure, excitement & peaceful restoration offered by time spent enjoying the beautiful water in Ontario.

We are proud to pledge to:

  • Share resources with our member organizations to support the differences they can make in their communities.
  • Intentional and proactively partner with organizations who share our passion and promote the sustainability of Ontario’s waters
  • Make decisions with the environmental impact in mind in all our business activities, both on the water and within our overall operations


Ontario Sailing is excited to partner with Boating Ontario to offer Ontario Sailing member organizations access to the Clean Marine Program.

The Clean Marine Program was originally formed in 1997, revised in 2008 and again in 2022. The primary goal is to reduce and prevent water, air, and land pollution from recreational boating activities in Ontario.

For more details regarding the benefits of joining the Clean Marine Program and what the commitment entails, please refer to this overview:

Benefits and Commitment of The Clean Marine Program

If your organization is interested in learning more or if you are ready to commit to the Clean Marine Program, please follow the procedures outlined in here:

Procedure for Ontario Sailing Association Member to Join Boating Ontario’s Clean Marine Program
Congratulations to the Ontario Sailing members who have already joined the Clean Marine Program and have committed to improving their environmental footprint:
  • Cedar Island Yacht Club
  • Newport Yacht Club Stoney Creek
  • Royal Hamilton Yacht Club



World Sailing, Sail Canada and Ontario Sailing want its sailors to share their love of sailing, while working together to protect the waters of the world. Sailing is part of a global movement to create change and positive impact, and you can be part of this through your actions on and off the water.

The following resources have been created by World Sailing to assist organizations in leading programs to educate their sailors and participants in the following areas.  All member organizations are welcome to download these materials for use.


In February 2023, Ontario Sailing Executive Director Glenn Lethbridge was named the 17th Skipper with Sailors for the Sea. This designation recognizes Glenn and Ontario Sailing as a leader in the areas of sustainability and ocean conservation within the sailing and boating community.

Sailors for the Sea is  is the world’s leading ocean conservation organization that educates and activites the sailing and boating community toward restoring ocean health.  As a not-for-profit organization, there are no fees for Ontario Sailing members to access Sailors for the Sea programming, and they work closely with World Sailing on all programming.

Programme Details Link Cost to Ontario Sailing Members
Clean Regatta Certification Clean Regattas is the world’s leading sustainability certification for all on-the-water, near-the-water, and water-loving events. Clean Regattas is a self-assessment tool with resources and support for participants. Website FREE

(Kids Environmental Lesson Plans)

KELP are downloadable marine science activities that encourage curiosity in kids and help them explore their surroundings. These resources offer valuable tools for Learn to Sail programs. Website FREE
Green Boating Guide Join the Green Boater community to access the downloadable guide to learn more about how to resotre the health of our waterways. Website FREE



Boater’s Code
Code of Environmentally Sustainable Behaviour


RS Sailing is a UK-based boat manufactor with a global dealership network that spans the globe, including in Ontario: Fogh Marine (Toronto) & QuiteWaters Sailboats (Waubaushene).

Ontario Sailing selected RS Sailing boats for our Main Sail Program. One reason we are excited to work with RS Sailing is its commitment to environmental sustainability. For more details on RS Sailing’s Sustainability Programme and their ongoing efforts to set the sustainability standard in the sailing industry, please visit the Sustainability page on their website.