LOCCA (Lake Ontario Club Cruising Association) is dedicated to maintaining a vibrant cruising fleet, by promoting camaraderie and open dialogue and by acting as a coordinating body for the cruising fleets of Lake Ontario.

In support of our vision, LOCCA will:

  • Enhance and further support the cruising programs that are currently provided by our individual yacht clubs;
  • Coordinate the cruising fleets of Lake Ontario;
  • Provide a platform to discuss issues of importance to cruisers, their respective yacht clubs and hosting clubs;
  • Provide unified representation for cruisers in dealing with regulators;
  • Provide third party mediation & advisory services to cruisers and yacht clubs.
  • Lobby goverment agencies and other sailing associations on behalf of boaters.

In response to the growing needs of sailors and boaters on Lake Ontario, the Lake Ontario Club Cruising Association (LOCCA) was created. Membership has been offered to every Yacht club from Brockville in the East to Hamilton in the West, and in both Canada and the US.