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Ontario Sailing believes everyone involved in any role in the sport of sailing has the right to participate in a safe and inclusive training and competitive environment free of abuse, harassment, or discrimination – collectively referred to as maltreatment.

In partnership with Sail Canada, we are committed to continuing to evolve the ongoing development of education and resources to create and protect the safe and respectful environments that all participants in sailing deserve.

Ontario Sailing believes that everyone in the sport has the right to enjoy the sport whether they are athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, or staff.

Please see our policies page to learn more about the policies in place to support ensuring a culture of safe sport in our organization and in turn in sailing in Ontario.

Sail Canada requires all instructors to complete Safe Sport training.

Have Concerns?

Reporting is critical in creating and maintaining a safe environment for sailing participants. Independent third-party complaints management is a directive of Canada’s Safe Sport Movement, driven by Sport Canada. Sail Canada has appointed an independent third party who any participant can contact to discuss incidents of maltreatment of any kind.

Individuals who are experiencing, or are aware of, any forms of maltreatment should contact the Independent Third Party designated to support sailing in Canada – Ilan Yampolsky can be contacted by e-mail at or phone at (613) 614-6816.

Want to learn more? We encourage everyone, especially those in leadership roles, to complete the free training module offered through Coaches Association of Canada.

Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) Safe Sport Module