Maple Leaf Fund

“I met my life while sailing!”
The Maple Leaf Fund gives past coaches, instructors, athletes and friends of sailing the opportunity to be involved with Ontario Sailing, stay connected and continue to support this great sport.  When you sign up for the Maple Leaf Fund, you will have the “Right to Race” via you Sail Canada membership card and will be able to take advantage of a number of Ontario Sailing and Sail Canada benefits.
Fee:  $27.00 per year (runs April 1st to March 31st)
Please CLICK HERE to go to the Ontario Sailing registration page and register today.
Effective April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018
Maple Leaf Fund Members (alphabetical)
*Only those who have given their permission to be listed are included below.
Matthew Bannister
Ryan Bennett
Paul Brandon
Mike Coomes
Jean-loup Dalle
Alicia Damley
Derrick Finn
Susan Fraser
Steven Gallinger
Michael Goulet
Jack Groom
Rudolph Guliani
Johnston Hall
Glenn Hayworth
Dave Hill
Keith Hobbs
Cameron Holland
Doug Johnston
Cameron Kennedy
Ronald Kobrick
Glenn Lethbridge
Richard Mair
Simon Mielniczuk
Jeff Mitchell
John Mitchell
William Nickel
Ron Owston
Paul Perlas
Jaime Restrepo
Andrew Thorogood
Steven Troster
Frank Van Biesen
Michael Vollmer
Heidi von Hoyningen Huene
Martin Warmelink
If you have any questions please contact 1-888-672-7245 ext. 221 or via email.

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