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Did you know….
Ontario ’s legislation, Bill 118, for those who talk & text while driving:
  • Holding or using a wireless communication device (a cell phone) or a portable electronic entertainment device (iPod) while driving is prohibited.
  • Using a cell phone or wireless communication device in hands-free mode, as long as you’re not holding it during use, is fine.
  • Using any device while pulled-over or parked in a way that you are not disrupting traffic, is fine.  
  • The systems used by Ambulances, Fire Departments, and Law Enforcement are exempt. 
  • Commercial GPS units along with similar dashboard-mounted devices that provide gauges and displays relating to logistical or navigation uses are fine. 
  • Will carry a fine of $500.  Demerit points will not be included, but depending upon the violation, police will have the option to also use existing careless driving laws for additional penalties.
Several provinces have already enacted similar legislation.  Numerous studies have shown:
  • cell phones are a leading cause of car crashes
  • cell phone distracted drivers are 4 times more likely to be in a car wreck
  • cell phones use while driving causes approx. over 200 deaths and half a million injuries each year
  • might be more dangerous than driving while intoxicated
  • talking on the cell phone reduces reaction time by 9% in terms of braking and 19% in terms of picking up speed after braking
 As the saying goes, Prevention is the best defense!
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