Infrastructure Ontario
Great news!  Infrastructure Ontario’s popular Loan Program was recently expanded to include non-profit sports and recreation organizations and we are now ready to accept applications.
It was announced in July, 2011 that Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program would be broadened to include three new sectors, including community health and social services hubs, aboriginal health access centres and non-profit sports and recreation organizations in Ontario.
Since that time, we here at Infrastructure Ontario (IO) have been developing our loan application and credit review process in order to receive applications. Now that this process is complete and we have identified your organization as potentially being an eligible loan client.
To be eligible for financing, the organization must be a:
  • not-for-profit organization in good standing recognized under the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport Recognition Policy; or
  • not-for-profit organization that provides a recreation facility to a community (i.e. swimming pools, sport specific courts, arenas, etc.)

For more information about program eligibility, please view the guidelines on our website at

Since 2003, Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program has helped finance the development of almost $7 billion in local projects across Ontario. From the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, and facilities to the acquisition of land and equipment our long-term financing solution has helped hundreds of clients turn their projects into reality.

We are proud to partner with non-profit sports and recreation organizations to assist in the development of infrastructure that helps to enhance the quality of life in communities across Ontario.
Most depreciable capital expenditures are eligible for affordable, long-term financing, including:
  • Swimming pools, arenas, sports specific courts, sports fields and gymnasiums
  • New construction, acquisitions, or renovation of facilities
  • Accessibility improvements
Where facilities are operated, but not owned, leasehold improvements may also be considered an eligible expenditure.

For more details about Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program, please visit our website at for more information on how Infrastructure Ontario can help you with your next capital project.