Under the Training Membership program, all Learn-To-Sail and Learn-To-Cruise/Power students will receive a year membership with Ontario Sailing.  The seal for levels that students complete will be sent by Ontario Sailing along with an Ontario Sailing membership card.  Possesion of this card will allow each member access to benefits of membership with Ontario Sailing.  For a list of current benefits, please click here.
*Ontario Sailing wants to make it clear that we will not be supplying the list of Training Members to any of our sponsors/partners nor to the Ontario Government.   However, it is important that we have information for each new member on file in the event that Ontario Sailing was ever audited by the Ontario Government for the numbers that we report.*
Club/School Resources
Please note that seals will only be issued to students who have been taught by a valid and certified CYA Instructor.  In order to be a fully-certified Sail Canada instructor, instructors must pay Annual Instructor dues to the Sail Canada.  Without it, instructors are not insured, and may not certify their students.  Annual Instructor dues are valid from January 1 – December 31 each year.  Please ensure that your Instructors are valid and certified before they begin teaching.  This includes having all prerequisites (i.e. First Aid/CPR, swim levels, etc.) up-to-date.
Training Membership Submission Template Note:  choose from a drop down menu of choices for Gender, Level Taken, Level Status and School.  You can drag the bottom right corner of a cell to copy it to the others below it in that column.  This is formatted for PC.  If you are using a Mac, please type the Level Completed in full (i.e. White Sail I, Bronze Sail IV, etc).*  In order to purchase seals/certificates, you must be ordering on behalf of an Ontario Sailing member organization in good standing.  We can no longer issue seals/certificates to instructors working privately.  
Submission process:
  • Please send complete lists prior to October 1.
  • Use the above template and provide all the information requested.
  • Once complete, send your file via Email to the Ontario Sailing Program Coordinator.
  • Please indicate if students have already received their certificates.
  • Certificates cost $15 plus HST per level per student *new for 2013*
  • For an additional cost, Ontario Sailing will print the certificates and mail them, along with seals, directly to students.
  • NOTE: Certificates are not valid without a seal affixed to it.  Seals are not valid if not affixed to a Sail Canada issued certificate.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via Email.