There are some changes to the prerequisite requirements for CANSail Instructors that will be taking place in 2015, it is important to be aware of these changes as you plan for the upcoming year. Please review the following items relating to your CANSail Instructor Certification.

Be sure to check with your Provincial Sailing Association for Instructor clinic schedules and further information.

Instructor Candidate Sailor Level Prerequisites

The sailor levels required as prerequisites for Instructor Training are outlined below. There has been some change since 2014. Instructors who are already trained or certified are not required to upgrade their sailor levels unless attending a new course in 2015.

CANSail Level Changes

Swim Prerequisites

As announced in 2012, swimming level prerequisites will no longer be accepted as a prerequisite for CANSail Instructors in 2015. Beginning January 1st 2015, a Coach Boat Safety Course will be required. Swim prerequisites that have already been accepted will remain valid until they expire, however no swim certifications will be accepted from this point forward. Approved Coach Boat Safety Courses are offered through your Provincial Sailing Association.