July 2 – 8, 2015
Kingston, ON

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Final Day of the 2015 Kingston Laser Standard World Championship. Three races were completed today in winds of 6-10 knots from the North East, for a total of six races in the final series.
Nick Thompson representing Great Britain, went into the day with a 20 point lead, and was able to stay on top, winning the 2015 Laser Standard World Championship. Nick Thompson had a strong regatta, as he remained one of the top 5 competitors for the entire event.
Philipp Buhl, Germany was in 5th after the second race of the day. He finished 1st in the last race of the regatta to move up to 2nd! Australia’s Tom Burton placed 2,16,11 today to finish in 3rd overall. Juan Ignacio Maegli, Guatemala, began the day in 16th. He consistently placed in the top of the fleet, with a 7,9,2, moving him up the scoreboard to finish 4th.
Australia’s Matthew Wearn moved from 8th to 5th position today, finishing just ahead of New Zealands’ Andy Maloney, with New Zealand Team mate Sam Meech finishing in 7th.
Kacper Zieminski representing Poland moved up from 11th to 8th place today, by finishing 4 and 7 in the last two races of the regatta.  Pavlos Kontides, Cyprus, had a hard day, starting off in 5th, and finishing in 9th overall.  Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini, Great Britain, placed 10th overall.
Prize giving ceremonies will be held Tonight, July 8, at 1900 at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour.
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In 1969, a group of enthusiastic sailors decided to establish CORK to host international sailing events off Kingston. The area offers some of the best fresh-water sailing in the world, excellent wind and wave conditions, and is a short distance from shore to the race courses. Leading up to the 1976 Olympics, the CORK regatta offered excellent training for sailors, coaches and officials and has since become a fixture on the international calendar.
Since 2000 alone, CORK has hosted dozens of North American and World Championships out Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Highlights include the 2007 ISAF Youth World Sailing Championships, the 2010 Optimist North American Championships, the 2013 Laser North American Championships and the 2014 29er North American and World Championships. In 2015, CORK will host the Laser Standard Men’s World Championship, the Laser Masters’ World Championships and the Laser Radial Youth World Championships in addition to the annual CORK events.


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Day 6 of the Laser Standard Men’s World Championship in Kingston Canada. The day began with strong winds of 15 knots from the south. As the day progressed the wind lowered to 8 knots, and kept competitors on their toes with tricky conditions and shifting winds.
Previous regatta leader Philipp Buhl, Germany, had a tough day, finishing 15, 16 and 27, dropping to 3rd overall, with Great Britain’s Nick Thompson moving up to 1st. Thompson stayed at the front of the pack, playing the breeze and finishing 7, 2, 4. Thompson has a  20 point lead going into the final day of racing. Australia’s Tom Burton moved up to 2nd today with a 15, 27, 2.
Tonci Stipanovic representing Croatia moved from 10th to 4th today, with a bullet in race 1, and 3rd in race 3. He was able to drop his second race of 27, to end 1 point behind Buhl. Pavlos Kontides, Cyprus, had a strong day, placing 2nd and 6th in the first two races. He finished the last race in 12th and was able to move up in the rankings from 24th to 5th. USA’s Christopher Barnard placed 14th in the first two races, and 5th in the third race to finish the day in 6th overall. Brazil’s Bruno Fontes is close behind Barnard. Matthew Wearn AUS, Charlie Buckingham USA, Sam Meech NZL and Kacper Zieminski POL sit 8th to 11th overall, with few points separating them before the last day of racing tomorrow.
Yesterday Stephano Peschiera from Peru, qualified his nation for a spot in the 2016 Olympic Games. This is the first time Peru has earned a sailing berth in the Olympics through the qualification process. Seven other nations earned their Olympic Birth by sailors qualifying for Gold fleet, with one berth still undecided. It will go to the top sailor in silver flight representing an unqualified nation. Joaquin Blanco, Spain and Alexandr Denisiuc, Moldova are the top two competitors in Silver flight who’s nation have yet to qualify.
Tomorrow is the last day of Laser Standard World Championship Racing on Kingston Waters. Racing begins at 0900, with three races scheduled.

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                Day 5 of the Laser Standard Men’s World Championships. The winds were light today and not enough for world championship racing. Forecast is looking better for tomorrow and three races are scheduled.
                The 158 competitors from 63 nations have been split into Gold, Silver and Bronze flights based on their results in the qualifying series. Gold and Silver have 53 sailors in each flight, and bronze 52.  Regatta leaders, Philipp Buhl, Germany, and Great Britain’s Nick Thompson are tied at 21 points. Buhl is listed as number one, as he has better individual racing scores than Thompson.  Previous leader Juan Ignacio Maegli representing Guatemala sits third, with 26 points. Australia’s Tom Burton is 4th, and Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini of Great Britain 5th. Bruno Fontes BRA, Elliot Hanson GBR, Sam Meech NZl and Christopher Barnard USA sit 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th respectively, with only 3 points separating the four positions. With only two days of final series, the racing is sure to be intense and action packed!

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       Kingston Laser Standard World Championship Day 4! Qualifying series is finished with 3 races completed today, and a total of 7 races for the series. Racing began with 5-7 knots from the South West. The wind then picked up for the last race to 10-12 knots. Based on the current results, 8 of the 9 Olympic Laser Standard spots available at this event were taken today by competitor who qualified for gold fleet.
        Regatta leader Juan Ignacio Maegli representing Guatemala placed third in the first race of the day, with Kristian Ruth representing Norway in 1st and previous regatta leader Matthew Wearn in 2nd . Maegli GUA then fell back in the fleet in the second and third race, and is now sitting 3rd overall.  Race 2 was won by Aleksander Arian representing Poland, followed by Andy Maloney representing New Zealand in 2nd and, Benjamin Vadnai representing Hungary in 3rd. For the last race of the day, Yellow Flight was dominated by the Italians.  Giovanni Cooccoluto, Alessio Spadoni, Enrico Strazzera representing Italy places 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
       Blue Flights’ first race was won by Tonci Stipanovic representing Croatia, Sam Meech representing New Zealand placed 2nd and James Espey representing Ireland finished 3rd. Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini representing Great Britain placed 1st in race 7 for his second bullet of the regatta. He was followed by Colin Cheng representing Singapore in 2nd and Charlie Buckingham representing the United States in 3rd.  Blue Flight Race 7 began with Bruno Fontes representing Brazil in the lead. Colin Cheng SIN was able to pull ahead of Fontes BRA, to place 1st overall. He was followed by Julio Alsogaray representing Argentina in 2nd, Marco Gallo representing Italy in 3rd and Fontes BRA in 4th.
         Red Flights’ race 5 consisted of a tacking duel between Tom Burton representing Australia and Christopher Barnard representing the United States. On the last leg of the race, Burton and Barnard were locked tack for tack, before Burton was able to fake a tack to get clean air and win the race. Race 6 for the Red Flight was won by Nick Thompson representing Great Britain, moving him up to second overall. The final race of the day in the red flight was won with a huge lead by Stefano Peschiera representing Peru. Barnard USA was able to place third in the last race, moving him up from 28th to 9th overall.
Tomorrow marks the first day of final series which completes on Wednesday July 8!

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    Day 3 of the 2015 Kingston Standard Laser World Championship! The wind began very light form the East, slowly building while competitors were postponed ashore. The wind then switched to the South but unfortunately it did not fill in and racing was cancelled for the day.
     Juan Ignacio Maegli representing Guatemala still sits in 1st and Philipp Buhl representing Germany in 2nd, both with four points. Tom Burton representing Australia is in 3rd and  Nick Thompson representing Great Britain is in 4th. Kacper Zieminski representing Poland is in 5th, and is tied in point with Pavlos Kontides representing Cyprus who sits in 6th.
     Tomorrow will be the last day of qualifying series, with final series racing starting Monday. Racing will run daily starting at 1130 until Wednesday July 8.

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Day 2 of the 2015 Laser Standard Men’s World Championship in Kingston Canada. 159 Competitors representing 63 Nations hit the water early this morning. Competition was fierce with the lighter winds of 5-7 knots.
                With a lighter breeze day, all competitors were egger to get off the start line. Yellow Flight began the day with 1 genera recall, followed by a black flag start. Jesper Stalheim representing Sweden lead the pack to mark 1 and 2 in Race 3, with Jian Qaio representing China and Maxim Nikolaev representing the Russian Federation close behind. Stalheim SWE fell back to third, with Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini representing Great Britain and Christopher Barnard representing the United States fighting their way to the front, and placing 1st and 2nd respectively. Yellow Flights Race 4 had a black flag start, with 1 competitor over early and disqualified. The race was won by Balazs Tomai representing Hungary, followed by Jinfu Zhou representing China in 2nd, and Alex Mills Barton representing Great Britain in 3rd.
                Blue Flight Race 3 had one general recall, then an all clear start. Juan Ignacio Maegli representing Guatemala lead the fleet through the race and to the finish. He was followed by Australia’s Tom Burton and Daniel Mihelic representing Croatia. Mihelic carried his speed into the 4th race, and was able to capture and keep the lead to finish 1st. On the second downwind leg, Canadian and Kingston Native Robert Davis followed Mihelic, with Nick Thompson representing Great Britain, and Burton AUS close behind. Burton AUS was able to pass Thompson GBR and Davis CAN to place 2nd, with Thompson finishing 3rd. Maegli GUA was able to slip into 4th place, with Davis CAN in 5th.
       In Red Flight’s Race 4, Rutger Van Schaardenburg representing the Netherlands battled his way to the front of the pack and held his lead to win the race. He was followed by Canadian, Lee Parkhill in 2nd and Pavlos Kontides representing Cyprus in 3rd. Race 4 was led by Philipp Buhl representing Germany, followed by Nicholas Heiner representing the Netherlands and Kacper Zieminski representing Poland. Parkhill CAN managed to fight his way to the front of the pack to finish 1st, with Zieminski POL in 2nd, and Giovanni Cooccoluto  representing Italy in 3rd.
        Juan Ignacio Maegli representing Guatemala now sits in first overall with four points with a result of (1,4) today and Philipp Buhl representing Germany sits in 2nd also with four points and a result of (1,5) today. Tom Burton representing Australia is in 3rd with eight points and finished second in both races today. Nick Thompson representing Great Britain is in 4th overall, and is only 2 points behind Burton. Kacper Zieminski representing Poland is in 5th, and is tied in point with Pavlos Kontides representing Cyprus who sits in 6th.
        Tomorrow will mark the third day of Laser World Championship racing on Kingston’s Fresh waters. Qualifying series will run until July 5th, and Final Series Racing will be July 6-8. Come down to Portsmouth Olympic Harbour to see all the on water action!

For Video of Day 1, CLICK HERE

             Beautiful conditions today on the Fresh Waters of Kingston Ontario for the first day of the Laser Standard Men’s World Championship. The day began with 10 knots of breeze from the South/West. The wind then picked up to 15-17 knots to complete two successful races by all the fleets. 

            Yellow flight began the day with a clean start. At the first mark rounding, the fleet was led by Juan Maegli GUA, followed by Nick Thompson GBR and Bruno Fontes BRA. ISV’s Cy Thompson battled his way to the front of the pack to win the first race, with Maegli GUA in 2nd and Elliott AUS in 3rd. Thompson GBR and Fontes BRA finished 5th and 6th respectively. The second race for the yellow flight was led by Thompson GBR, followed by Maegli GUA, and Kacper Zieminski POL. Maegli GUA was able to pass Thompson GBR and take the lead, finishing first in race 2. Thompson GBR followed in 2nd and Zieminski POL in 3rd.           

            Blue Flight started the day with a general recall, followed by a black flag start. All sailors were clear of the line, with Matthew Wearn AUS  beating the rest of the pack to the first mark. Wearn was able to lead the fleet through the race and finish first. Following him in 2nd was Jeemin Ha KOR, and 3rd Martin Evans GBR. In Race 2, Pavlos Kontides CYP beat the flight to the second mark, with Wearn AUS behind. Wearn AUS passes Kontides CYP in the next leg, and held his lead to finish first. Kontides CYP followed in 2nd and Charlie Buckingham USA in 3rd.           

            Red Flight also had an aggressive start to the day, with one general recall, and a black flag start. All were clear at the start, with Philipp Buhl GER leading the pack at mark 2, and to the finish. Andy Maloney NZL followed behind to finish in 2nd and Robert Scheidt BRA finishing in 3rd. Race 2 was led by Buhl GER with Scheidt BRA close behind. Sam Meech NZL was able to battle his way to second by the 2nd downwind mark, and keep his speed to pass Buhl GER. Meech NZL was able to finish 1st, with Buhl GER in 2nd and Francesco Marrai ITA in 3rd. 

            Matthew Wearn AUS currently sits in first place with 2 points, Juan Maegli GUA in 2nd with 3 points and Philipp Buhl GER in 3rd also with 3 points. Another day of qualifying series tomorrow, with racing beginning at 1130. Racing runs daily until July 8th from Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Don’t miss out on all the on and off water action during the 2015 Kingston Laser Worlds! 

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