The sailing season is upon us, and with that comes much opportunity to gain experience at judging. There are many openings this year for those who are thinking of moving up a level (from Club to Regional or Regional to National) or who simply wish to gain more varied and senior experience.

The following events are seeking judges:

    • Snipe Canadian Championships at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club on July 6th & 7th.  Please contact Harri Palm
    • Snipe US Nationals at the Buffalo Canoe Club from July 22nd to 26th. Please contact Leo Reise at
  • Shark Gold Cup at the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club on July 27th & 28th is looking for a Chief Judge.  Please contact Eric Courtney at

For those of you whose qualifications expire at the end of this year, this is a reminder that under the current certification requirements, you must have attended a seminar and passed a test to re-certify as a club judge as well as participatedregularly in hearings. There will be at least two club judge seminars in the fall, and one in June in northern Ontario. Check the Ontario Sailing website for updates.

Finally, many of you expressed an interest in attending the National/Regional Judge seminar planned for the GTA in the fall but were deterred by the proposed fee. We are working with the Sail Canada Judges Sub-Committee to try to fix a more reasonable price for the two-day seminar. Stay tuned …

Wendy Loat
Chair, Ontario Judges Committee