It’s the Canada Day Long Weekend!

Ontario Sailing wishes everyone a great weekend of sailing and boating!

As Sailing Schools open up their doors next week for the first time this summer, we just wanted to remind you to:

  • Review your Emergency Action Plan with your staff.
  • Make sure everyone is wearing their PFDs while on the docks and in the boats.
  • Check your safety gear for sailboats, coach boats and docks.
  • If at deep water location with docks, are there ladders to help get out of the water.
  • Review call out procedures if there is an emergency.
  • Check that all your staffs’ standards are current (Ontario Sailing can assist with this).
  • Make sure everyone is wearing sunscreen and hats and sunglasses are tied on.
  • Dress for the weather.
  • Remember that water shoes or shoes are always recommended.
  • Hydrate often!

Have a great long weekend and a wonderful summer on the water!