With summer finally upon us, people are rushing to find ways to enjoy the beautiful weather. Why not take advantage of one of Ontario’s many gorgeous lakes by hopping in a boat? Rowing and Sailing clubs across the province opened their doors recently for “Get out on the Water.” A series of free try-it days aimed at introducing the great sports of sailing and rowing to anyone who was willing.

Speaking with the program’s Project Manager Stephanie McKenzie, I got some insight into how this program affects the sailing community.

“It is in itself groundbreaking,” she explained “because it has a large number of clubs following one line of thought and executing it to get more people out on the water.”

The aim is to get people to try sailing or rowing but also to give insight into what being a member of a club is like. It isn’t as expensive or inclusive as people think according to Ms. McKenzie.

“People have the misconception that it is expensive to join a yacht club but it’s not necessarily that expensive. One date night would cover a crewing membership at some of these clubs.”

These events are creating many new connections in the sailing community.  People are not simply participating, they are signing up for courses, applying to be members and inquiring about programs for their children. With data from roughly a third of the events, over 750 people have already gone out on the water showing just how successful these events have been!

Visit www.getoutonthewater.ca to sign up today!

For more information, please contact Stephanie at 1-888-672-7245 ext. 225 or drop her an email at stephanie@shellsandsails.ca


“GET OUT ON THE WATER” is a joint initiative between Ontario Sailing & ROWONTARIO funded by the Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund. Our goal is to create and rejuvenate the interest and passion in the sports of Sailing and Rowing while bringing more awareness to Ontario clubs and organizations through one mass marketed TRY IT day and open house event scheduled for June 20th 2015.

“GET OUT ON THE WATER” is a no cost, barrier free and safe way to introduce everybody to Sailing or Rowing at their closest club or organization. Clubs and organizations will open their doors to those wanting to try sailing and rowing.  Following these open house and try it events, opportunities will be given to those participating to ensure that they stay involved within a club or sport of their choosing!