I am always asked, “Why should our club be a member?”

It’s a simple question that has so many answers. The easy answer is … we all need to support sailing or sailing will cease to be important to people.

I belong as it’s been my life. I owe that back to this great sport.

I learned to sail at a member school, raced at a member club, taught as a certified instructor and was the GM of a member club.  My family took lessons and taught.  I even met my wife Susan while sailing.

I believe that you should challenge your club if they are not members to become members. Support the growth; support youth; support racing; support the work that is done on your behalf with Government; support training of sailors, officials and coaches.

And by the way, the little known fact is that you must be a member in order to use the Racing Rules of Sailing and to enter a race.

I have a question for you to ask your club if they are not members. What is your club doing to support the growth of sailing if we cannot even see to it that we belong as members?

How do you know if you are a member or not? Go to https://ontariosailing.ca/ and check out the membership page. Ask your club for a membership card that is most likely sitting on a desk someplace collecting dust.

Folks … change comes from within and we all need to make sure this great sport continues to grow and flourish.

Sail Safe-Sail Fair!

P.S.  I challenge you to share this within your community and to call me to speak at your club’s next board meeting or AGM to ask the simple question, “If our club is not a member, why aren’t we?”

Glenn Lethbridge, Executive Director, Ontario Sailing


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