It is clearly not sailable weather at this time. However, it is a great time to build sailing related skills.

Nepean Sailing Club is considering offering one of two judge development activities. The tentative date is Saturday, 3 March 2018, unless we hear strong interest in an alternate date. These activities would be open to members of any Sail Canada affiliated club, although it is more probable that people who attend would come from clubs in Eastern Ontario.

The two activities are:

1) A Club Judge certification course. This would be a one day event using the Sail Canada instructional module. It would include the opportunity to take the Club Judge certification test and could lead to official certification. The course would be administered by Ontario Sailing and a registration fee would be charged.

2) A judges “round table”. This would be a half day discussion event (which could be extended by vigorous discussion). This activity would be restricted to currently certified Judges. It would include  current issues in judging, case study discussion and/or  “protests I have seen” discussions. The goal of the round table would be to develop skills through the mutual exchange of experience/skills. There would be no fee for the round table.

For either event, snacks will be provided by NSC, and the NSC bar menu will be available to purchase lunch.

Please distribute this RFI (request for interest) in any manner you see fit within, and beyond, your club.

If you are interested in either/or both events please contact with an expression of interest in the next week or so. Indicate: which of the two options are of interest, how many people, whether 3 March is suitable date. If you express interest, it will not commit you to attending but will be used to determine which (if any) event is offered.

If you have questions, please contact directly.