Duties of the KYC Race Management Coordinator (RMC) – March 2015

The RMC will provide the following Race Management services:

  1. Be in attendance at all Tuesday and Thursday evening weeknight and weekend events listed in the KYC Racing Calendar (between May 1 and Sept 30).
  2. Pilot the Race Committee vessels as appropriate and provide the necessary guidance to the volunteer Race Committee (supplied by KYC) in order to provide effective race management for each event.
  3. Calculate and post to the clubhouse Notice Board and to the KYC web site the results of each event. This will include re-calculating and re-posting any results that are changed as a result of race inquiries or protest hearings. Results will be calculated using the Sailwave software and computer resources as provided by the Club.
  4. Assist with post-race recognition ceremony.
  5. Provide statistics and results as needed by the PHRF-LO representative.
  6. Keep records needed for the awarding of prizes at the Annual Awards Night.
  7. Administer the KYC Race Management Duty roster ensuring that volunteer committees are committed for all events.
  8. Ensure that the equipment needed for racing is available and in appropriate condition.
  9. Supervise, organize and keep in good working order the marks and race management equipment stored in the race locker.
  10. Identify maintenance and repair needs of the race support boats and equipment and make recommendations.
  11. Perform such other race management duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Additional Service, Access and Performance: Subject to any statutory holdbacks the KYC will compensate the RMC as follows:

  1. KYC will provide the RMC with KYC Regalia (one golf shirt) at no charge to the RMC, which will be worn by the RMC as a uniform while on duty.
  2. The Club will provide reasonable access to the equipment, clubhouse and other resources as may be required to fulfill this agreement. This includes providing appropriate personnel to safely operate additional Race Support boats, as may be required.

Please submit your resume to:

Greg McNab, General Manager, Kingston Yacht Club

1 Maitland Street, Kingston ON K7L 2V3

Tel: 613-548-3052

Fax: 613-548-8876

Email: manager@kingstonyachtclub.ca

Website: www.kingstonyachtclub.ca