Building on a new 2013-2016 Strategic Plan, Ontario Sailing has announced a new campaign to drive more people onto the water through our member clubs, schools, camps and affiliates.
Based on a June “Go Sailing & Boating” day, members are encouraged to host an on-the-water open house offering free introductory lessons in windsurfing, dinghy, keelboat and powerboat along with club open houses and tours.
The date of the session will be announced shortly along with the launch of the new website. Partners will benefit from online training from Ontario Sailing and experts in Social Media, Insurance and Training. We want to help drive as many people to our clubs with the aid of savvy and effective social media and ensure that when the participants are at the club, they participate in a safe, well run family friendly event.
The program will be launched at the Toronto International Boat Show being held January 10-19, 2014 and The Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show February 21-23, 2014.
More information will be available along with training webinars, and logo and poster design materials. Companies interesting in sponsorship of this public and green friendly day are asked to contact Glenn Lethbridge at 1-888-672-7245 ext. 224.