After seven days of sailing at the Toronto Pan Am Games, Canada finished the Games with three Pan Am Medals:

  • Lee Parkhill (Ontario) – Bronze in the Laser
  • Terry McLaughlin with his crew of Sandy Andrews, David Ogden, and David Jarvis (Ontario) – Silver in the J24
  • Luke Ramsay (BC) – Silver in the Sunfish

Thanks again to our partners … the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO).

Hats off to our Ontario Sailing Contract Coach Thomas Fogh; OST Coaches Chris Hewson, Chris Cowan, Rob Frost and Murray McCullough; and the whole Sail Canada coaching staff of Ken Dool, Steve Mitchell, Chris Cook and Mark Asquith for their part of this.

Canadian Sailing Medal Holders

l-r Terry McLaughlin, Luke Ramsay, Lee Parkhill, David Jarvis, David Ogden, Sandy Andrews