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Oct 17 2005 International Youth Poster Contest

Greetings from Greenheart. We are a Non-Profit Organization, promoting, designing and preparing to build a new type of small sailing ship, that I'm sure you'll find interesting. She's a one-container cargo ship with bilge keels, masts in tabernacles, and a 6,000 watt solar panel array for electric auxiliary power. We intend to incorporate modern sailboat design and technologies into a zero-emission Appropriate Development tool for poor coastal communities around the world that desperately need access to trade.  There are drawings and details at www.greenheartproject.org .

I'm writing to invite you to participate in the Project in two ways.  Recreational sailors are generally creative and inventive people, so we welcome any advice or suggestions you might have on the ship's design or operations. We do not intend to protect the concept at all by patent, in order to make it available for free to the world's needy. Any idea of yours that we include will add to a pool of open-source contributions from professional and amateur sailors from all over the globe.
Secondly, we would like to invite your members, their families and communities to participate in our international student poster contest under the theme of "Green Power". We are supported in this by Care International, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam, the Fairtrade Federation and numerous other environmental and development organizations. The contest is free to enter and full details of submissions, prizes, donations and judges and are posted on our website at http://www.greenheartproject.org/page14.html.  We also have a downloadable promotional flier, which can be linked to or printed out for posting on notice boards, handouts and in newsletters.  http://www.greenheartproject.org/img/poster2.pdf
We're looking forward to a new era of sailing when fuel pressures and environmental concerns cause a convergence of performance sailing and commercial shipping, and hope that your organization can join us in its development.
Gavin Allwright

Education Director

Greenheart Project



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