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Nov 26 2008 Start Thinking about Instructor/Coach Training for 2009

 New Instructor/Coach Development Programs
If you are planning on becoming a Sailing Instructor, planning on getting a new certification or you are a parent of a Sailing Instructor please read the following and the other relative pages. This is important to your future certification.
CYA and Ontario Sailing are launching a new instructor/coach Development system based on the new National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) standards.
The old Green, Blue, Red(Orange), Black progression that you have become familiar with over the years has been replaced by a non-linear system that allows potential candidates to enter at any level they would like, based on experience and skill as well as allowing candidates to become an expert in a particular area of specialty.
The New courses are called White Sail Coach, Bronze Sail Coach, and Fundamental.
Ontario Sailing will start offering the new program in February, 2009 with the introduction of the new Sailing Specific Coaching Theory Course called the Fundamental.  Every coach will need to take the Fundamental Course just as every coach needed to take the NCCP coaching levels in the old system. We will no longer accept multisport theory courses as a prerequisite (ie: Introduction to Competition A).
Registration for all the programs will start in January, 2009 prior to the Toronto International Boat Show.
For more information regarding the new courses Please Click Here
For Frequently Asked Questions about the new programs Please Click Here
If you have any questions regarding the new programs please feel free to Email Eric or call
1-888-672-7245 ext 226.

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