Ontario Sailing Announces Continued Partnership with St Lawrence Seaway Corporation/Hwy H20

On behalf of the Ontario Sailing Board, I am happy to report that the St. Lawrence Seaway Corporation/Hwy H20 has signed another one year agreement with Ontario Sailing to help support the safe use of the waters in the Seaway Region of Ontario.

As part of the agreement they will be sponsoring our Get out on the Water program, as well as other safe boating initiatives. This marks over nine years of supporting Ontario Sailing with their valued committed support.

Ontario Sailing helps promote the system and have copies of “The St. Lawrence Seaway Pleasure Craft Guide” that we distribute at our boat shows and from the office.

The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway System is a deep draft waterway extending 3,700 km (2,340 miles) from the Atlantic Ocean to the head of the Great Lakes, in the heart of North America. The St. Lawrence Seaway portion of the System extends from Montreal to Mid-Lake Erie. Ranked as one of the outstanding engineering feats of the twentieth century, the St. Lawrence Seaway includes 13 Canadian and 2 U.S. locks.

During the shipping season, more than 2,000 pleasure craft of all kinds pass through the Seaway. Pleasure craft are welcome, but they must be at least 6 M (20 ft.) in length and weigh over 900 kg (one ton). There are special docks and tie-up areas along the seaway for pleasure boaters, equipped with telephones, and Seaway staff will help with the tie-up in the lock chambers.

For more information of the St. Lawrence Seaway you can go to their website.

For information about HWY H20 you can go to http://hwyh2o.com/ to find out more about the competitive benefits of shipping by water.