The sport of Sailing has many examples of lasting legacies; be it an inspiring coach, an exceptional athlete or the positive atmosphere that clubs add to the sailing life of their community.  While we never want to see a club close, sometimes great lasting legacies can be made from the sad situation of a closed club.

The Huntsville Sailing Club was an active club for a number of years, but because of many situations mainly around sustainability of volunteers, the club closed.  In order to keep the legacy of this club going, the Directors voted to seed the proceeds of the clubs assets to Ontario Sailing. “The Huntsville Sailing Legacy Fund” was created.

This year, for the very first time in the history of Ontario Sailing, clubs, schools and camps were asked to submit funding applications to help support “grass roots programming” with their programs. Over 25 applications were received by Ontario Sailing surpassing all expectations that we had in offering this program. While the review panel would have gladly given out more money this year, we were limited to $2000 in total.

In the end, three programs were awarded funding for their individual applications for sustainable growth at their Clubs. Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club was awarded $1000, Nepean Sailing Club $500 and Conestoga Sailing Club $500. Stories on each of the successful grants will be featured in upcoming ENews articles.

The program will be offered again in 2016 and 2017. It is hoped that those interested in supporting Grass Root programming in Ontario may consider donating to this very worthwhile endeavor. Tax receipts can be offered for your support.

Ontario Sailing would like to thank the review panel for their hours of work on reviewing the applications and, at the same time, thank those clubs that applied. While the names on the panel are confidential, we would like to highlight the Chair, Peter Van Buskirk for his efforts. Peter was one of the founders of Ontario Sailing and ironically, of the Huntsville Sailing Club. Peter has been a long -time supporter of sailing, especially youth development, and is a Past President Award Winner of Ontario Sailing.

Further information on the fund can be obtained by contacting Glenn Lethbridge, Executive Director, Ontario Sailing at or 905-572-7245 (toll-free 1-888-672-7245) ext 224.