Job Posting: Manager, COAST Club Services Program


Are you a dynamic, organized, customer service oriented individual with experience working with sporting clubs?

Ontario Sailing & ROWONTARIO are looking for you! We are hiring a Manager for our Association’s flagship program, COAST.



The COAST program is a joint program between ROWONTARIO and Ontario Sailing with the overarching goal of increasing the overall quality, participation and development of Rowing and Sailing clubs and their programs across the province of Ontario. It is a program designed to serve our customers, the clubs in Ontario.

The Manager is responsible for leading the overall program in a professional, dynamic, creative way so that it is the number one service that clubs look to the Associations to deliver.

As the Manager you will be the champion for excellence across our clubs in the areas of Club Management, Club and Program Development and Personnel and Training Development. As the go to resource person you will provide exciting education, communication and industry reports so that our clubs are providing the best sport experience to all participants.



  • Managing the online tool, resource bank and website that is the central hub for clubs involved with the program.
  • Engaging all rowing and sailing clubs to be involved with COAST.
  • Traveling to Rowing and Sailing Clubs to meet and work with club executives and volunteers.
  • Developing workplans for clubs, and providing ongoing support as they work through the plans.
  • Assisting clubs with the program resource materials such as the yearly Get Out On The Water campaign.
  • Creating and implementing new campaigns and community outreach to build excitement within the general public about the club.
  • Maintaining detailed progress logs of all clubs status and review the logs to review trends, needs and statistics on the program.
  • Working with volunteers within clubs and the Associations.
  • Planning and coordinating training and professional development sessions and workshops for volunteers, coaches and officials.
  • Delivering training sessions when appropriate.
  • Marketing and promotion of the different aspects of this initiative.
  • Creating engaging monthly newsletters, webinars and communication for clubs.
  • Being a consistent, reliable source of support for clubs and the association staff in the area of member club needs and services.



Must be organized and able to effectively manage time and priorities.

Very personable and able to engage small working groups of volunteers.

Excellent communication skills through email, website, social media, presentations.

Ability to extrapolate information, trends and statistics to create meaningful program reports showing the value provided to clubs.

Dynamic personality with the ability to be flexible as the initiative evolves.

Familiarity with Community Engagement principles an asset.

Understand the provincial sport landscape, sport clubs and volunteer board structures.



College or University degree in Recreation and Leisure, Sport Management, Community Engagement or similar combined knowledge and experience.

Experience or knowledge of rowing or sailing is an asset but not a requirement.

Comfortable with website editing software.

Excellent communication skills written and orally in English.



This is a one-year contract position with review upon completion of the year. The position may be stationed either in Hamilton, Ontario at the Ontario Sailing office or in Toronto, Ontario at the ROWONTARIO Office. Some remote work and travel will be necessary throughout the year.

Apply with a detailed cover letter expressing why you suit this position as well as your resume. Please address your application to the Selection Committee via email:


Application Deadline: April 6, 2016.


Manager, COAST Club Services Program Job Posting (PDF)