There are some concerns regarding the use of Toronto Harbour by recreational boaters, commercial charter boats and scheduled ferries during the PanAm Games in July 2015.

Based on planning to date, the following guidance can be provided.  Nothing is finalized yet but from an operational perspective, they don’t anticipate that the Harbour will be restricted for other recreational users during the Games other than as follows:

  1. Between the hours of 11:00 and 4:00, we intend to run a race course in the Harbour.
  2. The location may move depending upon the wind direction and speed, but generally we intend to be in the east quadrant of the Harbour.
  3. We will have marshall boats to direct recreational boaters to go around the course rather than through it.
  4. Large commercial traffic will be restricted from the Harbour during the hours that event is taking place.
  5. Smaller commercial traffic (including most commercial charter boats) will be subject to similar restrictions as recreational boats; small boats will be permitted relatively close to the course (outside a perimeter to be determined), but the Island ferry and larger charter boats for example will have to keep further away to avoid interfering with the wind.
  6. We will ask the Marine Unit to strictly enforce the speed and wake limits in the Harbour to reduce the waves produced by lots of boats;
  7. Spectator boats will be encouraged but will be asked to anchor as much as possible to avoid making waves.

Subject to the final security plan, there should also be no restrictions for recreational boaters in either of the Gaps while the event is going on.

Of course, if the threat level increases, then you can expect that additional security measures may be implemented.