Deadline for Early Bird Rates: July 12th
Port Credit Yacht Club
Thursday, July 18th and Friday July 19th, 2013
In the late ’50s there were no Zone, Provincial, or Canadian Youth Championships, so juniors in the Toronto Area quite often raced against adults in open dinghy events. In 1959 the junior instructors at Port Credit Yacht Club, under the direction of Fleet Captain Ron Searle, invited a few of the junior programs from neighbouring clubs to come to the mouth of the Credit River for a regatta. The event was such a success that it has been held every year since. In 1968 a trophy was created from a wooden Nutshell rudder, hence the name Steerersf, and presented to the best Junior Club in the regatta.
Today, the regatta has grown from a local event to include junior sailors from all over Canada, and the south shore of Lakes Erie and Ontario. Although there is competition among the junior clubs, coaching is actively encouraged for the last 1/3 of the fleet. The regatta has also become a training event for Race Officers; having as many as 50 or more boats on a starting line is a challenge for wannabe ROs.
The cost of the regatta is $105.00 per racer.
Register by July 12th and take advantage of the EARLY BIRD RATE of $85.00 per racer.
Port Credit Yacht Club
Saturday, July 20th and Sunday, July 21st, 2013
In 2000 the Port Credit Yacht Club had planned to host a dinghy event following the Steerers’ Regatta. It was called the Millenium Regatta. Pat Lymburner and John Weakley were instrumental in getting it off the ground and it was very well received both by the Club and by the dinghy sailing community.  It was realized, following this success, that the event had a lot of potential and that a real need existed for a July event of that size. The Steerers’ Regatta was the sailing school championship event with a strong training component followed immediately by a large, well organized and traditional event.
The naming came about when Pat Lymburner lost his mother and his aunt very close to one another. There was a discussion about what to call this event and Pat told the story of how, as he was growing up, his mother and three aunts were always there to make sure the children walked the right path. His siblings and he often called them the “Four Sisters” a name that was, coincidentally, the nickname for the four smokestacks that adorned the Lakeview Generating Station next to the Club.
With the passing of the last two of the “Four Sisters” and the rumours at the time of the demise of the Generating Station, Pat suggested that the regatta be called the “Four Sisters”. A graphic was created that incorporated the vague profiles of the original “Four Sisters” and it became the logo for the event.
The “Four Sisters” is a name that commemorates the passing of two things. For years the smokestacks were guiding beacons that made finding the Port Credit Yacht Club simpler and by doing so gave comfort to those seeking her harbour. Likewise, for years, mothers and aunts everywhere have been guiding and nurturing their families to safer harbours and comfortable waters. With the passing of both the smokestacks and Pat’s Aunts, it is well to remember the simple lessons learned from them and to reflect on the comfort they have provide.
The symbolism is universal and all of us can relate to our mothers and aunts and the things we learned from them. We can also remember those times when we were glad to see the smokestacks there to give us comfort that there was a safe and warm harbour near it. With the passing of Pat’s Aunt Dorothy, Hazel, Arlene and his mother Kathleen it was a poignant reminder of the importance of both sets of “Four Sisters”.
The cost of the regatta is $115.00 per racer.
Register by July 12th and take advantage of the EARLY BIRD RATE of $95.00 per racer.