RHYC Yachting Operations Manager Position Description
Position:   Yachting Operations Manager (YOM)
Mandate:   Assures events and services reflect the club’s vision and strategic priorities and complies with all relevant regulatory legislation and polices.  Fulfills requirements of the role with due consideration to the resources available, time constraints while ensuring effective coordination and delivery of services and programs.
Reports to:   RHYC Board via the RHYC President
Immediate Subordinates:   Indirect Relationships: Waterfront Programs ManagerHarbour MasterSailing InstructorsFood and Beverage Manager(s)

Event Coordinator

Club Accountant


Core Function:   Serves as Yachting Operations Manager of the club: manages yachting aspects of the club including its activities and the relationships between the club and its Board of Directors, members, guests, employees, community, government and industry. Coordinates and administers the club’s policies as defined by its Board of Directors. Develops operating policies and procedures and directs the work of all staff. Implements and monitors the budget, monitors the quality of the club’s products and services and ensures maximum member and guest satisfaction. Secures and protects the club’s assets, including facilities and equipment.
Qualifications:   Applicable sailing instructor qualifications
    Minimum 5 years managerial experience working with club members and volunteers an assetStrong yachting experience
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
    Good knowledge of current trends and legislation in club management
Responsibilities: 1 Provides leadership for the effective management and operation of the yachting programs at the club.
  2 Works collaboratively with the President, the Board and Committee leads in developing short and long term plans and goals.
  3 Plans and develops effective club services, programs and events that reflect the club’s vision and strategic priorities while complying with relevant regulatory authorities and policies
  4 Actively solicit, grow, recruit and retains club membership
  5 Develops and implements effective internal budgets for all club operations and implements effective inventory and expenditure control for these areas,
  6 Hires, deploys, coaches, develops and evaluates staff to ensure a strong, effective and efficient multi-disciplinary team with good morale
  7 Ensures adequate and appropriate day-to-day staffing to provide high quality services to members and patrons
  8  Maintains regular dialogue with the Board, Bridge, Committee’s and membership to assure Club priorities, standards and goals are attained
  9 Ensure effective relationship maintained between staff and club membership responding in a timely & effective fashion to all complaints and membership satisfaction issues
  10 Negotiate contracts for club services & operations so as to maximize cost effectiveness and supplier quality
  11 Meets or exceeds all budgetary targets, ensures appropriate escalation and mitigation of risks to these targets.
  12 Ensures efficient and responsible use of club staff and resources
  13 Review, responds and acts, where necessary, on all reports of inspection authorities.
  14 Effectively and diplomatically manages dynamics and conflicts amongst the membership
  15 Develops and implements an effective risk management and quality improvement program for the club operation, its facilities and services
  16 Develops and maintains an accurate and effective membership information system
  17 Develops and updates policies, procedures that support a high quality club operation that comply with Club policies, relevant legislation, Ministry of Health standards & guidelines
  18 Represents the Club in internal and external committees/forums as appropriate.
  19 Maintains a close network with related services to ensure optimal quality & cost effective club services delivery
  20 Keeps up-to-date with best practices in the field
  21 Other duties as assigned
Physical Demands:   Light
Working Conditions:   >Evenings

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