Safe Quiet Lakes is conducting a survey about the recreational use of the lakes in Muskoka. We want to hear how the lakes are used , what is positive and what, if anything, is negative about lake experiences. It is  important to hear from people who are from the sailing community.

The survey is mostly being distributed by  lake associations such as the MLA. Most people on these email lists are in the senior generation of lake users and not all members of the sailing community are members of associations.  We want to make sure that the survey captures the opinion of all age and interest  groups. We conducted a similar survey in 2013 and had 2300 responses.

Click this link to go to the survey:

The survey ends Monday July 10, 2017.

Responses are entirely confidential. Results will be tabulated by an expert research firm, ERIN Research Inc., and reported in aggregate form.  No individual participant or their responses will be identified. Erin will provide an analysis of the results .


Frances Carmichael

Chair , Safe Quiet Lakes