Unveiled at the Toronto International Boat Show this past January, “Sailingmaker Real Simulator” became the hit of the show with new sailors and the media.

Sailing Maker is the first dynamic simulator that is fun and makes learning to sail easy. www.sailingmaker.com is the website for this leading edge company, and they have partnered with Ontario Sailing to introduce the product into the Ontario and Canadian Market.

Ontario Sailing has the smaller of three units able to fit an Optimist Pram or Open Bic. Sailors are able to tack, gybe, hike and heel the boat while it remains stationary inside (with a large fan) or onside on dry land.

Benefits of the simulator include:

Advantages and teaching opportunities

  • Enjoy and facilitate learning with playful methodology early approaches to the sail
  • Enter in schools with a dynamic and fun approach
  • Attenuation-annulations fears / uncertainties related to the boat imbalances on the water.
  • Exercises with boat completely equipped
  • Facilitating communication between instructor and student
  • Close monitoring the correct positions, attitude, movements
  • Further specific and technical information about the dingy
  • Preparatory exercises for athletic training
  • Ensure the training activities even in bad weather days.

Sailing Maker has produced a video for you to better understand the product and its uses.


Contact Glenn Lethbridge Executive Director glenn@ontariosailing.ca or Gil Lussa at sales@etsgroup.it for more details or how you can arrange a test sail!