Shells & Sails Announces Year-One Pilot Sites
Shells & Sails, a joint program between ROWONTARIO and Ontario Sailing, is pleased to announce the year-one pilot sites we will be working with on this exciting new program.
Shells & Sails is a unique program where two provincial sport organizations have developed a partnership to work together to improve the quality and capacity of programs and services at Ontario rowing and sailing clubs, increase participation opportunities and establish further connections within Ontario communities, and assist in establishing partnership and resource sharing opportunities between rowing and sailing clubs.
This year we are pleased to be working with the following sites:
Rowing Clubs
Hanlan Boat Club (Toronto, ON)
Don Rowing Club (Mississauga, ON)
Kingston Rowing Club (Kingston, ON)
Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (Ottawa, ON)
Owen Sound Rowing Club (Owen Sound, ON)
Collingwood Rowing Club (Collingwood, ON)
Sailing Clubs 

Mooredale Sailing Club (Toronto, ON)
Dalhousie Yacht Club (St. Catharines, ON)
Algoma Sailing Club (Sault Ste. Marie, ON)
Wolfe Island Boat Club (Kingston, ON)
Ottawa New Edinburgh Club (Ottawa, ON)
In the next year, these clubs will be working through the Shells & Sails Club Asset Tool – Club Operational Asset & Standards Tool (COAST) – which will help Shells & Sails identify areas of strength as well as new opportunities, in order to assist the clubs in delivering quality services to their respective members and communities. Also, the Shells & Sails Mobile-Unit will be on the road this summer making appearances at the above clubs to help promote the sports in their communities.
Shells & Sails thanks the clubs for participating in, as well as supporting this program.
A special thank you is necessary to the Ontario Trillium Foundation who is one of the funding partners of this program. Without your contribution we would not be able to provide our clubs with this level of support and promotion.
If you would like any additional information on the Shells & Sails program, contact Rebecca Norton, Program Coordinator or 416.426.7004.
A program created in partnership with: