Ontario’s Elite Sailors are campaigning for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Meet “The Group of Seven (G7)” – a group of Canada’s top ranked sailors, all of whom are Ontario Sailing Team alumni and senior carded athletes on the Canadian Sailing Team.

The G7 athletes, while all keen competitors on the water, have combined forces to raise awareness for Olympic sailing in Canada and to showcase how active Ontario sailors continue to be in Olympic sailing.

You are invited to attend a Brazilin themed evening at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on Thursday, October 29th at the City Club (141 St. George Street). The evening will feature Brazilian cuisine, presentations by the G7 athletes, and a “boat part” auction. Youth sailors are also encouraged to attend as there will be a Q&A session for the youths with the athletes before the dinner. Approximately 75% of the ticket price will be eligible as a charitable donation.

For a good portion of their lives, these athletes have been training towards the dream of not only making it to the Olympics Games, but also winning an Olympic medal. The G7 are extremely dedicated, hardworking, skilled athletes that have one goal in mind and are willing to push themselves beyond the limits to achieve this goal. Sometimes finding their limits and being able to give it their everything can be restricted by the financial burden that comes along with Olympic sailing.

The G7 are seeking to raise the additional money they need to fund the final push in the Olympic quadrennial for the fast approaching Rio Olympic Games. The average annual budget to campaign successfully on the International stage is approximately $75,000, of which approximately 30% is funded by Sail Canada. The athletes need to raise the remaining 70% from working and fund raising with family, friends, supporters and sponsors. The last year of the quadrennial is the most intensive in terms of training and regattas and as such the time to work is significantly reduced.

To book your ticket for this fantastic event, contact:

141 St. George Street, Toronto
You can also support the G7 as a group or choose to support an individual athlete through the Wind Athletes donation page (http://www.windathletes.ca/donate).