And so Toronto 2015 Pan AM / Para Pan AM games begin tonight with the Opening Ceremonies!

For Sailing, the Games start Sunday and run until the medal races July 18th and 19th.

Sailing has the distinct privilege of being the closest event to the Athletes Village and the offices of Toronto 2015. It is also a totally free event to view.

While the Games are on now, it is important to recognize those Organizations, Clubs, Coaches, Volunteers and Athletes that made the Sailing portion of the Games a reality.

Funding sport is critical in Canada. An active person in sport makes for a healthier individual. Sailing is a truly rewarding sport, whether you are cruising, racing locally or internationally you are always challenging your fitness and mental abilities.

Ontario Sailing would like to thank our funding partners for their years of support of our sport and for specific funding over the past four years to bring our athletes to Toronto 2015.

At the Provincial level, Sailing is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Between Base Funding and project funding, the Province continues to be aboard every boat as our athletes compete at the Games.

At the High Performance Level, the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO) has been a valued partner of Ontario Sailing and Sail Canada since the inception of the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative OHPSI program in 2010. CSIO is funded by the Ministry and Own the Podium.

Athletes and coaches have been supported by the Quest for Gold program which is funded by the Ministry and the Quest for Gold Lottery.

We truly have a great partner in supporting coaches with the financial support of the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO). CAO helps support the training and mentorship of our valued Sailing Coaches in the Province.

At the National level, Sail Canada continues to be a great partner of Ontario Sailing in delivering training of athletes in Ontario. Funding of Sail Canada comes in part from Sport Canada and Own the Podium.

Sailing and the running of any regatta could not happen without our clubs and volunteers. Without the dedicated Race, Judge, and Safety Officials and the Administrative volunteers and staff from the clubs, the events couldn’t happen. Hats off to all of you for your time, talent and financial support of sailing!

We are blessed in Ontario and Canada with great Sailing Coaches.  At the Provincial level Murray McCullough, Chris Hewson, Rob Frost and Thomas Fogh have worked hard over the past four years preparing their athletes for the Games. Sail Canada’s coaching staff of Ken Dool, Chris Cook, Steve Mitchell, Erik Stibbe  and Mark Asquith have been there working hand in hand with our coaches and the athletes. There are also countless Club coaches and contract coaches (too numerous to list here) that have made this a great team.

Finally … the athletes. The athletes have been working for many years with the goal of competing in their home country at Toronto 2015. They have trained hard and while 18 have qualified, many just missed their goal of competing at the games.

So here’s to our athletes, coaches and support team representing Canada at Toronto 2015.

Bring home the hardware and do us proud!


Glenn Lethbridge, Executive Director, Ontario Sailing

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