To All Sail Canada Member Schools, Clubs and Instructors

The information and material discussed in this note should be reviewed by all individuals and organizations delivering on water recreational boat training in Canada. Transport Canada has introduced and declared to be in force a program and standard that impact the delivery of on water recreational sail and power vessel training. Sail Canada has been informed that the documents describing this program have been formally published and are now considered to be “in force”.

Under the Canada Shipping Act (2001) any recreational vessel with an instructor on board and carrying students may be determined to be subject to Transport Canada commercial vessel regulation concerning manning, construction, equipment, and areas of operation. The Small Vessel Compliance Program for Recreational Boating Schools provides a mechanism by which schools and training operations may continue without meeting the requirements of a commercial operation. Instances where there is no compensation provided by the students or paid to the instructor, and instances where the owner or master of a vessel hires an instructor for instruction on his or her vessel fall outside of the requirement to comply with commercial regulation or with these rules.

There are three documents that describe this program and the standard. Links to these documents are provided below.

Standard for Recreational Boating Schools – TP15136



Policy and Procedure