Schedule of Sail Canada Judge Seminars in Ontario:



Course Fee
Course Conductors
Club Judge Seminar & Test Nepean Sailing Club Saturday, March 3, 2018 $46.33 (seminar & test) Greg Dargavel
Club Judge Seminar & Test Mimico Cruising Club Sunday, April 15, 2018 $46.33 (seminar & test) Wendy Loat & Katie Nicoll
 To arrange a Club Judge Seminar,
please contact or 1-888-672-7245 ext. 221.
Please Note:  There must be at least 10 registrants for the seminar to proceed as planned.
*Please bring paper, pen/pencil and a Rules Book to all courses.  Also, unless stated otherwise, please plan on providing your own meals.


Why Become a Sailing Judge?

Judges ensure the fairness of competition at regattas 

Judges play an integral role to ensure the fairness of competition at regattas at all levels, from club racing to international competition.  They perform many functions, including:  
  • briefing competitors on rules and their interpretations
  • reviewing drafts of sailing instructions, upon request
  • arranging and holding hearings of protests and requests for redress
  • communicating with coaches and team leaders
  • on-the-water judging of competitors’ movements under the propulsion rule
  • holding hearings to investigate gross breaches of rules, sportsmanship or manners

Judges assist all competitors to resolve disputes involving the Racing Rules of Sailing.  They ensure the fairness of competition at regattas.  They serve their own clubs and communities, and top sailors at regattas around the world.  Sail Canada Judge Seminars Ontario Sailing sponsors judge training seminars for sailors who are called upon to serve on protest committees, from the club level to international competition. The seminars are normally the first step to being certified under the Sail Canada Judges Program as a Club Judge, a Regional Judge or a National Judge.

Judge Seminar Content and Format: 
Judge seminars are provided through the Sail Canada Judges Program, and are led by certified International Judges and Senior National Judges from Ontario.  They are based on principles of adult education with mini lectures and group activities to involve the learners in the application of the theory and practice of judging.  Units of study include:

  • Planning the hearing
  • Conducting hearings
  • Writing facts and Conclusions
  • Requests for Redress
  • Tricky situations that arise at regattas
  • Details of the Sail Canada Judges program, insurance and participation

How to Arrange for a Sail Canada Judges Seminar in Ontario: 
Seminars can be arranged upon request to Ontario Sailing via email indicating an interest to hold a seminar.  Class associations, sailing teams and yacht clubs may host a seminar.  The host club or organization provides the facilities and assists with advertising to recruit participation.  Seminars should be open to persons outside of the host club or group.  Seminars may also be arranged at major Ontario Sailing or Sail Canada regattas within Ontario. 

Who May Attend Sail Canada Judges Seminars: 
Admission is open to all racing sailors, regardless of their prior experience with protest hearings.  Attendance will be of vital interest to persons interested in developing or improving their judging skills.  The Judges seminar is a required element for judge certification at the provincial or national levels within the Sail Canada Judges Program. 
Seminar Fees: 
Fees cover the cost of materials and equipment.  Fees for lunch and refreshments are set by the host club. 
Judge Materials and Resources: 
All seminar participants will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation.  A current rule book is needed at the seminar. 
The following resources for judges are quite useful:

For more information on Judge Seminars, e-mail Ontario Sailing , or call 1-888-672-7245 or 905-572-7245 Ext. 221.

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