We are very grateful for the government funding and corporate sponsorships we receive which make so many of our programs possible but that funding alone is not enough.  Therefore, we look outward to gain additional funding.
How Can I Help Support Ontario Sailing?
There are several ways to help support Ontario Sailing to fund its many programs.
1.    Donate During the Annual Donor Drive – November 1st – December 13th
The Annual Donor Drive is now underway.  Your kind donations make a significant impact on our ability to grow our proven programs, which include:
  • Sailing Instructor/ Coach Development
  • Able Sail
  • Ontario Sailing Team
  • BOOM/ Access BOOM Program
  • Officials/ Judges/ Umpire Development
  • Sports Delivery System (Boaters’ rights, Safety issues)
To donate to our Donor Drive fill out our Appendix C or Donate Online.  All donations $25 or more will receive a tax receipt.
2. Pledge to the Coach Support Challenge 
As a commitment to our athletes coming out of club programs, Ontario Sailing has made the substantial commitment of hiring a Development Coach as well as two contracted coaches to work with targeted youth athletes.
In order to fund these initiatives and to push our athletes’ performance to the next level, Ontario Sailing announced our commitment to reach a fund raising goal of $400,000 over the next 4 years. You can help reach this goal by pledging $100/year for the next four years or making a one time donation of $400.
To read the full letter on the Coach Support Challenge from Glenn Lethbridge please click below:


3. Donate to One of Ontario Sailing Endowment / Bursary Funds
The Ontario Sailing Endowment / Bursary Funds honour special individuals and their contributions to sailing.
To make a donation to one of Ontario Sailing’s Endowment / Bursary Funds, please click on the fund below:
The Alice Boston Sailing Fund supports the development of sailors and athletes in Ontario.
The Hans Fogh Fund supports the development of high performance athletes and officials in Ontario.
“Rhoda’s KIDS” Bursary Fund supports the development of sailors aged ten to sixteen years old who reside in Ontario who demonstrate a keen enthusiasm for learning to sail.
4. Giving For Today and Tomorrow
For additional ways to help please see the following page: Giving For Today; Giving For Tomorrow.
Thank you to everyone that helps support Ontario Sailing!