Its been a very busy week but I had the chance to connect with our close friend Andrew Robertson, Senior VP Skippers’ Plan.

Sail Canada has worked very hard with Andrew to put a comprehensive program together for our members.

Andrew reviewed with me the Sail Canada endorsement that comes along with insurance for those with boats at member Clubs of Sail Canada (Ontario Sailing).

The program offers endorsements for Regatta Expenses, a 10% decreasing deductible each year that you have the policy (up to 50%), Deductible Waiver for such things as a fire in your home marina, Emergency Expense Extension and finally Additional Insured Endorsement for Marinas.

This is an impressive value added package only offered for those members of Member Clubs.

Skippers Plan is a significant supporter of Sailing in Canada and has built this into their corporate culture. They support events and awards of Sail Canada. It is also nice to deal with sailors when you are looking for insurance on your boat and Drew not only is a sailor but also a great Volunteer Race Official.

Remember all insurance is not created the same. When you race, make sure your insurance covers racing. Most home policies that can list your boat typically don’t insure for racing and also may not cover you out of province or country.

We recommend that you read your policy carefully. Make sure your broker knows what is on your boat, where you sail/race and the amount of time you spend on the water. There is a navigation season clause in many policies.

Attached is the wording for the Endorsements for Sail Canada Members with Skippers Plan. Make sure if you are listed with Skippers, they know you’re a member in good standing.

Glenn Lethbridge
Executive Director, Ontario Sailing

905-572-7245 or 1-888-672-7245 ext 224