Boats and Equipment play an important role in making sailing accessible.  Some of the boats used in accessible sailing programs are specially designed boats that were built specifically to meeting the needs of persons with a disability, however others are existing models of boats that have been modified.


There are many different accessible sailboats on the market today.  The list below just highlights some of the most common accessible sailboats sailed in Canada.


  • Access Dinghies
  • Challenger Trimaran
  • Freedom-Independence
  • Hobie – 16 Trapseat
  • Martin 16
  • Sonar – Paralympic Class
  • 2.4 mR – Paralympic Class
  • SKUD 18 – Paralympic Class



Transfer Lifts

Some participants require assistance transferring from the dock to the boat.  There are a number of mechanical lifts that can be used to assist with these transfers. Check out some of the different transfer lifts below.



Boat Adaptations

Sometimes adapting a boat to make it more accessible can be simple and cost effective; other adaptations can be more involved.