Additional Information for Hosts

Hosting a BOOM mobile is a great way to promote and develop sailing in your community. Hosting the BOOM program can be very rewarding; however it does require a commitment from the host club or organization. It is best to think of the BOOM Programs as a partnership between the host sites and Ontario Sailing, and we both must do our part to make the BOOM Program successful.
Host Responsibilities
  • As a BOOM mobile host you are responsible for promoting the mobile in your area and registering the participants. Ontario Sailing will provide you with promotional material, and participant registration forms.
  • You are responsible for making sure that each participant completes a PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FORM and the completed form is given to the Ontario Sailing office well in advance of the beginning of the program AND is also given to instructors Sunday Evening when you meet with them. This allows the instructors to be aware of any health related issues prior to the start of the program.
  • You are responsible for meeting with the instructors on Sunday evening before the program to discuss your site’s expectations for the week. If you have any concerns about the program or the instructors it is important that you communicate with the instructors or contact Ontario Sailing as soon as possible so that the concerns can be resolved.
  • You are responsible for organizing volunteers to meet the instructors when they arrive Sunday evening to help the instructors unload their van and trailer, as well as help them load up their van and trailer on Friday afternoon.
  • You must arrange for a volunteer to be on site in the morning and the afternoon of each day of the program to supervise participants before and after the programs if their parents/guardians are early/late with drop off and pick up.  In addition, you are required to provide additional on-site supervision to assist the instructors during the day. The program runs from 9 am – 4 pm. On the last day of the program, participants will come off the water by mid-afternoon so that they can participate in cleaning up the equipment (taking the boats out of the water, folding the sails, packing up the dagger boards, rudders and paddles, etc.). Handling and storing sailing equipment properly is an important part of learning how to sail.
  • You are responsible for arranging an indoor or covered space where instructors and/or students can go if there is foul weather and they are unable to sail.
  • You are responsible for ensuring billeting arrangements for the two instructors for the week(s) that you are hosting BOOM.  For the comfort of the instructors, running water and shower facilities must be available.  The instructors will still provide their own food.
  • You are responsible for making sure that the registration limits of 16 participants at one time for regular BOOM, 8 participants at one time for Access BOOM, and 8 participants at one time for evening Adult lessons are not exceeded.  Ontario Sailing will work with the host site in regards to additional ideas for programming should the need arise (eg half-day options, etc.)
  • If possible it is recommended that you make arrangements to have an additional motorboat available that the instructors can use should a need arise (eg issues with equipment, etc. during the week).
If you are unable as a host to fulfill ALL of the above responsibilities, please contact the Program Coordinator at Ontario Sailing via phone at 1-888-672-7245 ext. 226 or via email at … possible solutions can be discussed.
Can my Club exceed the maximums and register more participants in the program even if we provide additional boats?
Unfortunately, No.  In order for us to ensure the highest quality and safest program, we must keep our student to teacher ratios low:
  • 1:8 BOOM
  • 1:4 for Access BOOM and Adult BOOM
  • The maximum number of participants for BOOM is 16 and 8 for Evening Classes.  If you exceed this maximum you will be invoiced an additional $250 for each participant above the maximum – if this number exceeds two you may not be able to host a mobile in the future. We are committed to safety and quality!
Where will the instructors stay while in town?
BOOM hosts will now be required to billet the two instructors for the week(s) they have booked. For the comfort of the instructors, running water and shower facilities must be available.  The instructors will still provide their own food.
Are we responsible for feeding the instructors?
No.  Ontario Sailing provides the instructors with a food allowance so that the instructors can purchase their own meals.  The instructors are also given camping stoves, cooking utensils, and a cooler for meal preparation and storage.  However, they do appreciate the occasional invitation to dinner.
How will I advertise this program?
If requested, Ontario Sailing will provide you with some BOOM Posters that you can post in the community.
If requested, Ontario Sailing will also provide you with some BOOM brochures that you can distribute.
You may want to contact your community newspaper, radio station, or television station; often they have a Community Events section where you can advertise your community event for free.
You may also want to see if you can post signs in local schools.
You may also want to post an ad in a local Parks & Recreation Guide.
What type of communication can I expect form Ontario Sailing leading up to the start of the BOOM program?
Over the course of the spring you can expect to receive a package via email with information you will need to help you host the mobile (ready to print Posters and Brochures).  Although a majority of the information is sent out by email, some things like posters will be sent to you via post.
If you have any questions throughout the spring as you are planning for the BOOM program, please do no hesitate to email or phone 1-888-672-7245 ext. 226.
The BOOM instructors will phone you the week before they are scheduled to teach at your site … this is a great opportunity to talk to the instructors about your site’s specific needs or expectations.
Do we require extra insurance to host a BOOM mobile?
It is your club’s/organization’s decision whether or not to take out extra insurance to host a BOOM mobile.  The Ontario Sailing BOOM program is fully insured, our equipment is insured, and our instructors are certified and insured by Sail Canada.
Upon your request, Ontario Sailing can provide you with a copy of our Certificate of Insurance (after June 1st) for your records.
 For more information, please contact or call 1-888-672-7245 ext 226.

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