Information for PCOC Instructors

In the new system, you can order test materials directly from the Canadian Yachting Association supplier, TruCash Rewards using the Rapid Order System. Only current instructors will be able to purchase these materials so be sure your certifications are up to date and you have paid your instructor fees. You must then complete and mail in the Visa or MasterCard authorization form (available here (doc) and here (pdf)). After these steps are completed you can order using this form or contact Deborah Wilson from TruCash at 905-212-9100 ext 232
Student manuals can also be ordered from Ontario Sailing.  To order these materials contact Margaret via email or 1-888-672-7245 ext. 223.  Again, only current instructors will be able to purchase materials.
In the event that a student requires their PCOC to be re-issued they must fill out this form and pay a processing fee of $21.00 (includes HST). The form must be sent to the Canadian Yachting Association, along with payment, for processing.
For more information about the SPARK Start system visit CYAs FAQ here.
For more information about Boating safety and licensing visit Transportation Canada’s FAQ here.
To pay your instructor fees contact CYA
53 Young Street Kingston, ON K7M 6G4;  613 545-3044
CABE – Canadian Association of Boating Educators 
CABE was formed after talks in late 2005 and early 2006 in order to give a united voice to Canada’s boating educators. CABE strives to bring together Transport Canada, PCOC service providers, and businesses in the marine industry and has three main objectives:
·                    Provide quality education and approved testing.
·                    Adopt ethical practices and uphold association standards.
·                    Represent concerns to government agencies.
Mr. Sandy Currie, Executive Director of the Canadian Marine Manufacturers Association, was elected chairman of CABE and says that “the CABE concept is exceptional and will lead to a significant upgrading of the PCOC service system and, therefore, help to put better educated boaters on Canadian waterways”.
All PCOC service providers are welcome as members and will be held to the highest of standards. Members will work diligently to ensure changes to the “Competency of Operators Regulations” are carried out sensibly and fairly.
CABE’s mission is: “To enhance boating safety in Canada by establishing ethical and professional standards for boater education and certification”.
For more information contact Sandy Currie.
*If you would like to advertise your courses on our website, please send Kathy an e-mail with details.

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