On-Site Spring Training Clinics

We will arrange to send one or two CYA Certified Instructors (depending on the number of participants) to your camp for a weekend in the spring to run a training program specific to your camp’s staff needs. Our Instructors will arrive at your site on Friday late afternoon so they can be set up to do a session Friday evening, and they will wrap up the course Sunday early afternoon. During the weekend camp staff can work on their sailing skills so that they will be better prepared to teach sailing this summer. Other topics our instructors can cover during the weekend include: safety, maintenance and care of equipment, and on-water activities and games. For an additional fee Ontario Sailing will bring a trailer with several different types of sailing dinghy’s to your camp as part of the On-Site Spring Training Clinic. If your camp is thinking of adding to your fleet, or replacing your existing fleet, this is an excellent opportunity to try some different boats first hand.
For more information or to schedule an On-Site Spring Training Clinic contact the Ontario Sailing Program Director via email.

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